Pregnant Grimes craving lots of milk


Grimes has been craving a lot of milk during her pregnancy.

The Canadian star, who is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend Elon Musk, has opened up about her diet and favourite foods in a new video for Harper's Bazaar.

While Grimes counts matcha tea, kombucha, and kefir as some of her favourite drinks, she has been having regular cravings for dairy products lately.

“The one pregnancy craving I have is just drinking a glass of milk. Which is so weird, because I haven’t had a glass of milk in probably 20 years. Just cow’s milk,” she shared, before laughing: “It’s probably become clear that I’m not vegan during this time, this trying time.”

Grimes, real name Claire Boucher, went on to explain that she had adopted a vegan diet for the duration of her last tour, but soon discovered that she wasn’t eating enough of the right foods to keep her healthy.

“I was only eating spaghetti for a year, two years. And then I was so sick and my hair stopped growing. I went to the doctor and (they were) like, ‘You actually are malnourished from not eating vegetables or meat and just eating spaghetti for two years.’ Spaghetti is the only thing in every city that’s good. I won’t do that again,” the 31-year-old insisted.

And while she isn’t abiding by a vegan lifestyle during her pregnancy, Grimes has developed her own theory as to why it’s fine for people to eat one certain animal product without feeling guilty.

“I love hotdogs because they don’t kill cows for hotdogs. You can eat hotdogs without guilt if you need meat but you still have vegan tendencies or you want to try to avoid creating demand for stuff. It’s all the waste, it’s all the extra product,” she mused.

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