Power star breaks down major character's surprise Ghost season 3 return

Power Book II: Ghost spoilers.

Joseph Sikora has broken down the surprise return of his OG Power character, Tommy Egan, in the penultimate episode of Power II: Ghost season three.

In the episode, Tommy revealed to Tariq that he was there was to exact revenge on Tariq's mother Tasha, who killed Tommy's fiancée in the sixth and final season of Power.

Tommy ends up knocking Tariq out after Tariq tries to stop his "uncle" from going through with it — and Tommy and Tasha are nowhere to be found when Tariq wakes up in hospital.

joseph sikora as tommy egan, power book iv force
Sandy Morris - STARZ

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Discussing Tommy's return and thirst for revenge with TVLine, Sikora shared: "Tommy, he doesn’t forget, nor does he really forgive.

"I mean, he has a hard time with both of those things, but I feel like Tommy’s smart enough to know that it usually means you gotta tie up these loose ends."

Sikora, whose character is now the central character in Book IV: Force, went on to reveal that these events take place shortly after the events of Force's season-one finale, which is set in Chicago.

joseph sikora as tommy egan, power book iv force
Sandy Morris - STARZ

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Given it's "about a 10.5-hour straight shot to New York", Sikora said that Tommy "could’ve been like, 'I got that news, I gotta do it now. Put it on pause. Tell Diamond to keep his nose clean and stay on the straight and narrow, to handle business and go do this'."

Meanwhile, the second season of Force arrives this September, which will begin with "Tommy on a mission to avenge the death of Liliana, his former nemesis turned business partner".

Power Book II: Ghost airs on Starz in the US and streams on Lionsgate+ in the UK.

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