Potent Seduction: Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper sees an evolution with a collection of modern reinterpretations

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Bvlgari enchants with a new collection of minimalist reinterpretations of its signature icon of glamour and sensuality, the Serpenti Viper.

Since its debut in the 1940s, Bvlgari’s iconic emblem of the Serpenti has been transformed in myriad permutations, evolving from the first stylised Tubogas versions to the modern yet dynamic iterations we see today. A showcase of sensuous lines in timeless designs, the slithering creature’s enduring power and form have transcended gender, time and trends to become a talisman that endows its wearer with self-confidence and strength.

bulgari serpenti viper 2022 collection
bulgari serpenti viper 2022 collection

Just as how a snake sheds its skin as it grows, the 2022 Serpenti Viper jewellery sees an evolution. Tempting its fans with an innovative and cutting-edge design, the new, ultra- modern collection of seven pieces goes back to basics – void of any embellishments to reveal the serpent’s original beauty. Capturing an abstract form of the snake through geometric, sleek shapes, the latest creations are a study on the power of design with a strong focus on Serpenti’s spellbinding scales.

Evocative of the viper’s spiral form before striking its prey, the pieces boast a hypnotic design that combines the enigmatic beauty of the snake’s scales with a sinuous body. Six new creations, namely eye-catching iterations of the iconic Serpenti Viper wrapping bracelet and ring, mesmerise with their monochromatic bodies of polished white, yellow or rose gold in graphic lines. To be worn anytime and anywhere, singly or layered for maximum effect, the new creations coil sensually around the wrist or finger like a second skin.

A statement jewel for every occasion is the collection’s stand-out creation – a beguiling rose gold necklace that embodies the Serpenti’s ever-evolving spirit. Adorned with over 40 carats of dazzling pavé diamonds, the piece infuses a touch of glitz and glamour into the line. The captivating jewel effortlessly merges the line’s new aesthetics with the timeless elegance of diamonds.

These Serpenti Viper additions will be accompanied by a unique certificate attesting the use of ethical gold – a first at Bvlgari. As of January this year, all Bvlgari jewels will be officially made with gold from fully traceable and certified sources, a unique milestone that cements the company’s commitment in the field of sustainable luxury.

This story first appeared in the July 2022 issue of Prestige Singapore.

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