This poster from an English antiques store has a giant following in France

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The poster "I love you. In French" is a huge hit in France.

"I love you. in French." A simple message, in a deceptively simple but appealing font and layout. Still, this poster from a small antiques store in London is a huge hit... in France. A surprise for the shop whose customers are usually from Great Britain.

"I've sold 1,600 posters in France!" the owner of Nelly remarks, astonished. According to the vintage piece collector, this success is due to the "lady Laureen." She's talking about French blogger and influencer Laureen Habbani. The mom of three shares her favorites on her @happycheriskids account. "So when she posts things like [this photo], my orders go crazy, and a lot of my French success is down to her. But my Paris orders especially are through the roof."

Candy Pink

Indeed, the poster has everything going for it. Perfectly in line with the trend for posters with feel-good messages in our homes that are extensions of our personal or professional brands, it cleverly combines the Pantone Fluorescent orange/red 805 and "candy pink." The ensemble provides a sweet contrast in a frameable 50 cm by 70 cm format (a size that is easily found at IKEA, according to Nelly). The poster is available for £35.

Behind Nelly is Lou

Behind this poster with its cleverly chosen tones is Lou. This "antiques dealer who thinks like a stylist," as she likes to describe herself, likes to hunt for eclectic pieces all over Europe. On her online shop , you can find art deco curiosities, hand-blown vases or twisted wall lamps. Tastes that reflect this vintage aficionado who found inspiration in New York before landing in London (after 9 apartments and 2 kids).

Love and variations

Seeing the success of her "I love you. In French," the antique dealer has created versions of the poster in sweet, cupcake-like pastel tones. On the menu: sky blue, mauve, yellow, pink and pale green. Just the thing to make a statement in any interior.

Mylène Bertaux