Miranda Kerr’s Naked Harper’s Bazaar Cover Hasn’t Gone Down Well

Fans of the fashion magazine are disappointed with the lack of clothes. [Photo: Instagram/Harper’s Bazaar Australia]

In one of the most risqué cover shoots to date, Miranda Kerr has ditched all of her clothes to showcase her (insane) body for the January/February issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

The model stripped down for the racy front cover, wearing only a pair of pink triple T-strap Louboutin pumps. Mind you, at almost £600, the shoes alone cost more than any outfit we would ever wear.

Posting the cover on its Instagram page, the Aussie magazine was quickly inundated with comments from both appreciative and disappointed fans.

Kerr is no stranger to nude shoots - but Harper’s Bazaar Australia tends to feature models wearing a few more layers on their front cover. [Photo: Instagram/Miranda Kerr]

Mind you, if you had legs like that, wouldn’t you show them off? [Photo: Instagram/Miranda Kerr]

A huge number of the fashion glossy’s readers have expressed their anger at the “Playboy” style shoot and slammed it as “trashy” and a “desperate attention seeking cover”.

“Not that I ever comment on things like this as I know I’ll never be heard but it’s a pretty pathetic cover, yes she looks beautiful and all and probably got paid more than what I’ll ever make in my life for doing it but that’s just not what people want to see,” wrote one person.

“Such a waste. Find a model who’s upcoming and genuine, put some clothes on her and expose a woman’s true beauty that can relate to all women. Give someone else a go.”

Another added that they don’t feel the magazine “reflects the ethos of Australian women by further objectifying women” while a third reader suggested that the magazine save the nude shoots for inside the issue.

“Did we really need to see this? She’s gorgeous but a cover is unnecessary. Keep it on the inside. Stick to fashion for the cover (more than just shoes).”

The majority of the magazine’s other covers promote fashion and style - rather than naked women. [Photo: Instagram/Harper’s Bazaar Australia]

However, other fans were full of compliments for the 32-year-old model and her cover.

One fan called the snapshot “epic and empowering” while another commented that the Kerr looks better all the time. And she really does.

“Love it! I seriously do not understand the negativity and I’m so over hearing ‘this is so degrading,’” commented one Insta user.  “If I looked like that I would be naked always! People relax and get over it. Miranda is a hot woman and has the right to show it. I’m sure she was never pressured into this and I’m sure no one is taking advantage of her.”

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