The library hotel, Japan's latest concept for tourists

The "Book and Bed Hotel" will be a vast room divided by stacks of books

In Japan, the latest trend welcoming tourists is a library hotel without rooms. The concept is set to launch in September.

Have you always dreamed of staying in a library after hours? Japan has the solution: a library hotel, the "Book and Bed Hotel," will open this fall. The owners have partners with Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers, a publishing house that has agreed to provide all the books and other reading materials that will make up the walls of the hotel.

In reality, the place will be a vast room divided by stacks of books. Don't expect to arrive and be given a key to your room, as there are no rooms. Guests will have to make do with cabins and bunks in little nooks between the books to get some rest. Intimacy is definitely not a priority at this concept hotel that is set to open in the commercial and entertainment district of Ikebukuro in the Toshima ward of Tokyo. There will however be curtains installed to offer tired guests a bit of peace.

Tourists can reserve for one night or even just spend some time catching up on reading during the day. The hotel has yet to announce its pricing options.

This isn't the first time Japan experiments with concept hotels. Earlier this month a robot-staffed hotel opened its doors where English-speaking travelers may, for example, be welcomed at reception by a robot dinosaur.