PortAventura World inaugurates 'Sesame Street' attraction for the new season

'Street Mission,' PortAventura World's newest attraction

For the launch of the new season, which kicked off this past weekend on April 6, the Spanish amusement park inaugurated a brand-new attraction that plunges visitors into the dark for an interactive experience populated by the characters from the American TV series "Sesame Street."

This is the first time in Europe that an attraction enables guests to actually 'meet' characters from US-based television series "Sesame Street," perhaps best known around the world for the furry red monster, Elmo.

Called "Street Mission," this attraction, which required a 15 million euro investment, takes visitors along an interactive journey where they try to solve a secret mission with Detective Grover. Using immersive experiences shaped by the technology of 3D video mapping, which projects light displays on large buildings, this is the first time that PortAventura World offers an attraction that immerses riders in a totally dark environment.

The Spanish park's new season, located near Barcelona, will see another inauguration on June 1, with the opening of a new four-star hotel: Colorado Creek. The property will offer 150 rooms and PortAventura World is toting the property as its very first "zero emissions" hotel, designed to reduce its carbon footprint.

In 2018, PortAventura World registered five million visits, with peaks in attendance numbers at Halloween of around 17% and at Christmas of 10%.