S’porean Mother Suffering From A Terminal Illness Reunites With Son In Malaysia

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A Singaporean woman suffering from a terminal illness was given the chance to spend the rest of her time with her son in Malaysia.

Only Weeks to Months Left to Live

Andrew Chen Kah Eng, a Malaysian politician from the Democratic Action Party, shared in a Facebook post on Friday (6 November) that the mother, Ban Madee, has final stage blood cancer and wished to be with her son.

Singaporean Mother Reunites With Son
Singaporean Mother Reunites With Son

Image Source: Facebook / Andrew Chen Kah Eng

Suffering from leukaemia, the mum was told that she only had about weeks to months to live, a spokesperson from Ambulance Alpha according to Mothership. She then said she wanted to be reunited with her son before her condition gets worse.

But as her son is currently in Malaysia, and the borders are currently closed in Singapore, her wish cannot be easily granted. It is only due to special arrangements for a case such as hers that she can be exempted from the travel restrictions.

Mother and Son Reunite

Ban Madee got her wish come true when her application for entry into Malaysia was approved in just under five days. This was thanks to the help of authorities including the Ministry of Health (MOH), Immigration Malaysia and a doctor named Kaarthigan Ramaiah.

She was exempted from a 14-day quarantine Malaysia due to her terminal illness and has finally reunited with her son. Both mother and son are currently residing in Pekan Layang-layang, Johor.


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