Popular $3 KL pork noodle stall, Old Village, closes Tanglin Halt outlet

In recent times, there have been a number of stalls closing and halting their operations. Old Village 老村庄, a popular noodle place, is included. It could be the cost of high rentals or the inability to sustain damages from the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has sure taken a toll on a number of them.

Old Village - Peking Room

Old Village will not be stopping its operations entirely, but it will be closing the outlet at Peking Room, Commonwealth. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a small hidden food court where you’ll perpetually find people queuing along the pavement— unsheltered.

Whether it’s rain or shine, you’ll find a number of people by the circumference of the whole food court as they home a number of stalls. From crispy prata to curry rice, the food court hosts all different types of cuisines. Despite its old-fashion looks, Singaporeans still love the food at this establishment. Unfortunately, they will be closed for redevelopment in the later months, which explains the movement of several tenants.

I guess, we can’t stop Singapore from going ahead with its modernisation plans— the older estates like Queenstown will indefinitely be at risk.

Old Village 2

Lucky for us, at least we still have Old Village in the north. Although it’s a bit of a stretch (at least for me), I believe the travel time is worth it. Their other outlet is at Block 732 Yishun Ring Road.

Old Village 3

Old Village specialises in traditional KL Sliced Pork Noodles. Most of you will be familiar with its S$2.50 pork noodles back in 2021, which made a price increment to S$3.50 in recent years. Even though they increased their prices, the fare for a bowl still remains relatively affordable, which probably explains why they are so popular.

In a bowl, you’ll receive slices of lean pork alongside a noodle of choice from kway teow to mee sua.

Old Village 4

The star of the show is probably the Sliced Pork Liver Noodle/Rice. For S$3, you get a bang for your buck. The amount of ingredients in a bowl is quite commendable. Furthermore, there is no taste of gamey-ness from uncleaned intestines, so you can tell they’ve done a good job in cleaning them.

Some even say that the true star of the show is its green chilli, which is especially spicy and piquant. Perfect to pair with pork!

Old Village 5

Well, the signage that Old Village put up was entirely conversed in Chinese. So people might easily mistake their closure for something else. For patrons who might not be extremely familiar with the language, they have confirmed the closure of the stall at Tanglin Halt.

Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you at Yishun!

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