Popular deli-style sandwich shop, Park Bench Deli at Telok Ayer closes after 8 years

There have been too many closures in recent news and it’s terribly saddening to hear. I’m sorry to say, but Park Bench Deli, the incredibly loved sandwich shop, is closed.

As of 6 March 2023, the cafe broke the news of their closure.

I’m sure many of you have heard about them since they started 8 years ago. Founded in 2015, they’ve grown tremendously over the years by serving well-loved sandwiches and brunch food. Before opening the brick and mortar stall, they garnered a traction of supporters from doing pop-ups at events.

Park Bench Deli 1
Park Bench Deli 1

They’ve planted themselves in the hood of Telok Ayer since the start and have been serving quick-to-go deli-style sandwiches to the people of the CBD. It’s not only convenient, but delicious too, so it’s a real pity that they closed way too soon. I think nobody called it, considering its popularity.

You’ll perpetually find the cafe packed over the weekends, with over 30 minutes of waiting time. Over at their intimate space of a cafe, they take pride in creating a soulful atmosphere to enjoy authentic American brunch foods. So I reckon that their popularity is due to the mixture of good food, good people, and good company.

The news of their closure came from social media pages, stating the official closure with no reason. However, the Park Bench Deli team did state that, “PBD Singapore is closed, but it’s not over yet”. With hopeful news, let’s cross our fingers for better and more exciting things from the team in the future.

Park Bench Deli 2

I am sure that just like the bulk of us, many weren’t happy about their announcement. Some of them even asked if it was an early “April fools” joke. Well, they aren’t joking.

Park Bench Deli 3
Park Bench Deli 3

What I’ll miss is probably their thick cuts of pastrami in the Pastrami Reuben (S$26), a public favourite. In this hefty plate of a sandwich, you’ll receive layers of smoked pastrami and provolone cheese in between slices of caraway rye sourdough.

Park Bench Deli 4
Park Bench Deli 4

Though Park Bench Deli is famous for their sandwiches, what I truly adore is how well they do their pancakes. The Big Breakfast (S$28) comes with 2 ricotta pancakes, tater tots, breakfast sausages, bacon and scrambled eggs. But the star of the show is the fluffy pancakes which break into an incredible creamy consistency. Speaking of it right now makes me salivate.

It’s sad that the time for Park Bench Deli to shut its doors has come. But I’m lightened by the news of possible future endeavours. I know for a fact that it’s always good fun and food, with them.

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