Popular couple-run nasi lemak store Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak finds new home at Seng Poh Road

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On my way home from school, I would occasionally drop by the iconic Seng Poh Road to get a taste of Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice. After the famous brand shifted to Tiong Bahru Market, I was hoping that the void could be filled by another delicious food stall. Step in Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak, who now call the vacated area their home.

Picture of Mr and Mrs Nasi Lemak storefront

Behind the vibrant signboard of the stall lies a very interesting backstory. Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak is a couple’s first foray into the F&B industry, as both of them quit their jobs to pursue their dreams of opening their very own stall. Driven by their main aspiration of “bringing delicious and affordable food to everyone”, the business has seen immense popularity over the past year.

Originally, the famous nasi lemak stall was located at a quaint coffee shop along French Road. Come end February 2022, their previous tenant decided to close the coffee shop that the stall was in. Hence, Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak had to relocate. To the relief of all their fans, they eventually settled down at 71 Seng Poh Road a month later. Business has been back to normal and the stall is still drawing crowds despite the change in location.

Picture of Mr and Mrs Nasi Lemak food

Here, you would be able to choose from four different customisable set meals. Their classic Nasi Lemak Set (S$5) consists of fried chicken, egg, achar, as well as ikan bilis. If you are huge fan of otah, you can opt for their Otah set (S$5) which replaces the fried chicken with a piece of otah. Not only that, they also offer Kunning Fish (S$5) and Drumstick (S$6) sets.

I really like how Mr & Mrs Nasi Lemak offers many toppings that you may not find at mainstream stalls. This includes how they offer seasonal toppings that will certainly add a new dimension to your dish. You can choose from Bacon and Mushroom (S$1.80), Roasted Pork ($1.80) and Deep Fried Pork Belly (S$1.70). To further elevate your dish, you can even go for their Kawa Ebi (S$4). Aside from that, their classic toppings are available as add-ons too.

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