‘The New Pope': John Paul III Takes Charge in New HBO Trailer (Video)

Jeremy Fuster

Habemus papam. We have a new Pope, and his name is John Malkovich.

HBO released a new trailer for “The New Pope,” a.k.a. Season 2 of Paolo Sorrentino’s acclaimed series “The Young Pope” starring Malkovich and Jude Law. When we last left the Vatican, Law’s Pope Pius XIII collapsed after giving a homily at Basilica San Marco, causing him to fall into a coma.

With Pius out of commission, the Church must select a new pope, and the man chosen is Cardinal John Brannox, played by Malkovich. Taking the name of John Paul III, this new pope is far flashier and publicity driven than Pius XIII, arguing that growing his public image is “not vanity… it’s necessity.”

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But John Paul’s conduct quickly worries some within the Vatican, with one describing him as “volatile.” Even the Pope himself, while confessing his sins, describes himself as “irresponsible,” “pompous” and “conceited.”

And of course, there’s the fact that Pius may be comatose, but he’s not dead. And when he wakes up, the Vatican may be the site of an almighty power struggle. Silvio Orlando, Javier Camara and Cecile de France also star in the series, with Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson also set to appear.

“The New Pope” premieres on HBO this January. Watch the trailer in the clip above.

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