This new pop-up series immerses you in art experiences about identity and belonging at homes across Singapore

Official document, travel papers, identity booklet — no matter how you describe your passport, it’s essentially a basic summary of who you are. But for six artists and hosts, the idea of passports sparked off discussions about identity, belonging, home, privilege, and love. And that’s how the pop-up series, Passport, came to be.

Put together by arts organization OH! Open House, probably most known for its art walks, this collection of creative experiences takes place over three weekends in March, across six neighborhoods in Singapore. But in place of one comprehensive narrative described by OH!, each session features real stories of the hosts and their artist collaborators.

For artist Anthony Chin and hosts Christophe and Sharon, the boundaries of nationhood are explored in a two-part dramatized tour that takes visitors around the building and into the home. Meanwhile, artist Ezzam Rahman and hosts Hernie and André offer a performative installation with letters written by the hosts that will be display in video and light installations around Hernie’s place.

Artist Jimmy Ong and host Han Chung testing the participatory performance on OH! volunteers. Photo: Passport

As for artist ila and host Xiou Ann, a “sensorial” walk across the CBD is what’s in store for participants to look at familiar spaces with a different perspective. Then in an attempt to explore “placelessness” and citizenship, artist Jimmy Ong and host Han Chung will bring you through a simulated immigration process to find out how “Singaporean” you are.

Artist Mike HJ Chang’s sketches for Passport, which will be showcased to audiences during the art experience. Photo: Passport

Transforming the TV into a living sculpture, artist Mike HJ Chang and hosts Liming and Chloe allow audiences to decide which story they want to hear, in an installation inspired by their experiences living abroad. Finally, artist Nature Shankar and host Pei Ying request for audiences to bring with them a personal object of meaning, one that they’re prepared to let go of in a group entwining workshop that’s complemented by a tasting menu and a tour of the artworks in the home.

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