Pooria Putak Announced the Release of His New Album

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When I asked people who are fans of rap music about the person they listen to the most, Pooria Putak was the name that I heard the most.

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If you are a fan of rap music, you have heard the name of famous Pooria Putak among rappers.

Pooria Arab AKA Putak, known as Pooria Putak, with millions of fans, is a popular rapper among Iranian rap lovers, especially the young generation.

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Not only pros but also cons believe that Pooria Putak has an exemplary talent at singing.

While we check his Instagram account, braveputak, by reading the comments below his posts and videos on Instagram we can see that his pros are uncountable, and they always support him with their positive energy.

This Iranian number one rapper has the most released albums among all Iranian rappers, and simplicity in his poetry is his strength.

When I asked people what they like the most about him, most of them said that his power in singing fast is exemplary besides his fabulous voice.

After releasing his first album, everyone admired him for his strong and effective songs, then significant numbers of rappers wanted to sing with him. So, he had some collaboration with other famous and number one Iranian rappers.

All of his albums have reached number one on the Iranian playlist.

Now there is good news for his fans and others who like his style. He announced that he is going to release his new album soon.

As always, his new album consists of new and original ideas, something that will surprise you.

His new album includes 13 tracks, and it has been composed by Catchybeatz from TikTaak. This collaborative album will be something that you cannot stop listening to for a minute for sure.

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