POLL RESULTS: What video chat apps do you use to communicate with loved ones and friends?

Video chat apps have become a way of life for many since the lockdowns began. (Graphic: Getty Images)

Talking to friends, family and co-workers through video chat programs since the lockdowns began has become a way of life for many of us, as we find ways to stay connected while being physically apart.

Zoom has become the video chat tool of choice for many because it has user-friendly features and allows users to talk to up to 99 other people simultaneously (there’s a 40-minute session limit though). 

But there have been various reports of security breaches and privacy issues related to Zoom.  Although Zoom has been trying to solve its security and privacy problems, some of us may not be comfortable with using the app just yet.

So we asked Yahoo users: if you’d rather not use Zoom, what video chat apps would you use to communicate with loved ones and friends?

Out of 99 responses received, the most people – 60% of those polled – preferred to use WhatsApp’s video call function.

Google Meet was the second most popular option, with 23% of voters preferring it.

Apple’s Facetime was third, garnering 15% of votes.

Skype received 12% of votes; Facebook Messenger got 8%; Discord, 5%; Houseparty, 3%; and, last but not least, Bunch got 2% of the votes.

Are there any features among these video chat tools that you particularly like? Share them with us in the comments below!

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