Police called after Haley Joel Osment slams airport staff in Las Vegas

Ben Arnold
(Photo by Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP)

Haley Joel Osment didn’t take a delay to his flight out of Las Vegas at all well last weekend, according to reports.

In fact, according to TMZ, he began berating staff at his check-in desk, to the point where the police were called to attend to disturbance.

The Sixth Sense star missed his flight from Vegas on Sunday evening, according to American Airlines, and was then put on a Monday morning flight instead.

However, on arriving at 7am the next day, he was then told that the 7am flight already full, at which point things are said to have become rather unpleasant.

According to the report, he began ‘swearing and shouting in the gate agent’s face’, at which point the police were called.

However, by the time they’d arrived, he’d left the gate area.

He’s then said to have returned to the gate at 8am and was ‘even more aggressive’ than in the first instance, this time using the phrase ‘I’ll destroy you’ to the gate agent.

The police were called for a second time, but for a second time, Osment had fled the scene by the time they’d arrived.

One bystander tweeted:

Delays are always likely leaving Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend, meaning that a missed flight can have its consequences.

Osment, 29, is currently filming Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, a biopic of serial murderer Ted Bundy, alongside Kaya Scodelario, Lily Collins and Zac Efron.

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