Pokemon Go gets the Master Ball, and players are equally excited and scared

 Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

The supremely powerful Master Ball is finally debuting in Pokemon Go, prompting some strong reactions.

Earlier today on May 16, Niantic unveiled the latest addition for Pokemon Go. It turns out the Master Ball will finally be coming to the mobile game, and when it eventually makes its debut next month on June 1, it'll be available exclusively through brand new Special Research.

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Because you can only complete this Special Research once, you can only obtain one Master Ball over this entire period. The questline debuts in Pokemon Go next week on May 22, so you'll have right around 10 days in total to complete the Special Research and bag that precious Master Ball.

The response to the Master Ball is surprising mixed, with some players worrying they'll accidentally waste the powerful tool. "I really hope that the master ball has a confirm button when you tap on it to use bc I’m really scared I’ll accidentally use it on something I don’t want," writes one Twitter user.

Others are pretty disappointed they'll only get their hands on one Master Ball, and are worrying that Niantic could charge steep prices for the tool if it ever returns. You'll typically only get one Master Ball in any mainline Pokemon game, which is probably what Niantic was going for here with giving players just one of the balls in Pokemon Go.

Otherwise though, lots of players are really hoping to use the Master Ball on a Galarian Pokemon. Specifically, legions of Pokemon Go users have had a tough time catching the Galarian variants of Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, and are desperate to use the Master Ball to complete their collection of rare birds.

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