‘Pokémon’ Shoe Collaborations Through the Years: Fila Sneakers, Zara Heels, Crocs and More

Pokémon, the beloved franchise based on battling creatures from a different world, has had several brand collaborations over the years that challenged designers’ creativity while celebrating the whimsicality of several iconic characters.

Partnering with brands like Puma, Adidas, Zara and Converse, Pokémon has transformed some of fashion’s most popular silhouettes and styles with playful new designs and exciting new colorways. These exclusive collaborations have dominated the market and even led to some fan-favorite releases.

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Ahead, FN recaps some of Pokémon’s most innovative collaborations to date.

Pokémon x High Beam, 2016

pokemon go synching shoes high beam, pokemon, shoes, sneaker, collaboration, 2016
Pokémon x High Beam shoeCourtesy of High Beam Shoes.

In 2016, Pokemon collaborated with footwear brand High Beam on a pair of technologically advanced sneakers. The brand developed a shoe that aside from looking stylish, emitted visual and auditory signals that could help “Pokemon Go” gamers while playing. Once users paired the sneakers with the “Pokemon Go” mobile app, they were free to leave their phones in their pockets while the shoes did the work.

Pokémon x Fila, 2018

fila, fila collab, fila collaboration, pokemon, pokem collaboration, fila pokemon, 2018,
Pokémon x Fila shoeFila

In 2018, Pokémon partnered with sportswear brand Fila on four pairs of reimagined Court Deluxe sneakers. Inspired by Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff, each pair was customized with a colorful interior lining and a Pokeball tongue label.

Pokémon x Adidas, 2020

Pokémon x Adidas, 2020, Pokémon x Adidas collaboration, pokemon shoes, pokemon collaboration, 2020
Pokémon x Adidas shoeAdidas

In 2020, Pokémon teamed up with Adidas on a new pair of Advanatge sneakers featuring a pixilated Pikachu design. The redesigned sneaker combined the shape and style of classic Adidas branding while implementing specially crafted Pokémon elements such as the pattern on the tongue and insoles.

Pokémon x Zara, 2020

Pokémon x Zara, 2020, Pokémon x Zara collaboration, pokemon shoes, pokemon collaboration,
Pokémon x Zara shoeZara

In 2020, Pokémon collaborated with fast fashion brand Zara on a new iteration of their Metallic Heel Stretch Ankle Boots. The shoe, otherwise consistent with Zara’s pre-existing style, featured a Poké Ball in place of a traditional block heel.

Pokémon x Asics, 2021

Pokémon x Asics, 2021, Pokémon x Asics collaboration, pokemon collaboration, pokemon shoes
Pokémon x Asics shoeEbay

In 2021, Pokémon partnered with Japanese sportswear brand Asics on a new collection of kids’ sneakers. The shoes, available in three Pokémon character versions designed with their signature colors, offered high-quality style, comfort and fit.

Pokémon x Converse, 2021

Pokémon x Converse, 2021, Pokémon x Converse, pokemon collaboration, pokemon shoes, pokemon sneakers
Pokémon x Converse shoeConverse

In 2021, Pokémon celebrated its 25th anniversary by teaming up with American lifestyle brand Converse. One version of the brand’s redesigned Chuck Taylor All-Stars was reimagined to include images of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Meowth and Jigglypuff while another version was adorned with images and colors of the franchise’s signature Poké Ball.

Pokémon x Balmain, 2022

Pokémon x Balmain, 2022, Pokémon x Balmain, pokemon sneakers, pokemon collaboration, pokemon shoes
Pokémon x Balmain shoeBalmain

In 2022, Pokémon collaborated with Balmain on a limited edition pair of sneakers. While keeping Balmain signatures present within the design, the three-dimensional details featured on the shoe were colored in signature Pokémon hues.

Pokémon x Clarks, 2022

Pokémon x Clarks, 2022, Pokémon x Clarks, pokemon collaboration, pokemon shoes, pokemon boots
Pokémon x Clarks shoeClarks

In 2022, Pokémon partnered with British shoe manufacturer Clarks on a collaboration that reimaged the brand’s iconic Torhill Hi shoe. The collection pulls inspiration from “Pokémon” characters Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu and was crafted of premium textural suede. Available in various hues that match the shades found in each character’s design, these shoes were finished off with vintage details resembling features from the “Pokémon” universe.

Pokémon x Comme des Garçons, 2022

Pokémon x Comme des Garçons, 2022, Pokémon x Comme des Garçons collaboration, pokemon shoes, pokemon sneakers
Pokémon x Comme des Garçons shoeFight Club

In 2022, Pokémon teamed up with Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons on a pair of Vans sneakers. The shoes featured a classic white Vans silhouette with graphic Comme des Garçons and Piakchu imagery along the sneaker’s rubber sole.

Pokémon x Puma, 2022

Pokémon x Puma, 2022, Pokémon x Puma collaboration, pokemon sneaker, pokemon shoe
Pokémon x Puma shoePuma

In 2022, Pokémon collaborated with German design cooperation Puma on a newly designed yellow sneaker. The chunky shoe, adorned with a small Pikachu keychain on the laces, combined contemporary streetwear with eye-catching colors and authentic Pokémon details.

Pokémon x Crocs, 2022

Crocs x Pokemon, shoe collection, classic clogs collection, pokemon collaboration, Pokemon
Pokémon x Crocs shoeVia Crocs

In 2022, Pokémon partnered with American footwear company Crocs on a new collection of shoes. The shoes featured an eclectic pattern depicting many recognizable characters from the series, including Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. The shoes were also detailed with a matching red strap adorned with Poké Ball accents.

Clarks, Clarks Originals, collaborations
Clarks, Clarks Originals, collaborations

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