“Plus 1!!” Daniel Ong And Wife Fay Tan Are Expecting Another Addition To The Family

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Former DJ Daniel Ong and wife Fay Tan are expecting another baby!

On Wednesday (10 March), the happy couple—who have been married for over a year—announced that they are now “16 weeks down” their pregnancy.

However, it hasn’t been an easy journey for the duo who went through many months of worry, before confirming the big news.

Daniel Ong And Wife Get A Plus 1!

Daniel Ong
Daniel Ong

Image source: Instagram / daniel_ong_singapore

Ong shared an intimate picture of the couple sat on a small staircase. With wide excited smiles they showed-off the ultrasound scans of their unborn child.

In his Instagram post, Ong excitedly wrote, “These past few months have been tough, and we have been praying non[-]stop for the health of our new little one.”

The famous former also DJ shared that it was in fact a tough pregnancy.

Tough Pregnancy For The Couple: Filled With Hopes And Prayers

Talking about the tough pregnancy, Ong revealed cryptically, “Tests, invasive procedures, lotsa worrying and more.”

He also thanked his well-wishers: “To all who have stood by us and sent us loving msgs, thank you.”

While at it, the doting hubby didn’t forget to praise his wife. “This woman is my rock, she is one tough cookie, and brave soul. Love you so so much,” he wrote.

At the end of his announcement post, Ong asks his followers for any baby name ideas for their new addition to the family.

Renee and Gretel Become Big Sisters

Tan also shared the same set of pictures on her own Instagram profile and wrote, “Not taking this blessing for granted, we will love and protect you as much as we have for Renee and Gretel.”

For the uninitiated, Renee is Ong’s daughter from his previous marriage, while Gretel is Tan’s daughter from her previous marriage. And even though their roots are different, they are still very much a well-knit family. In fact, during their engagement, Ong told Tan that she “will be the last woman that I will love.”

The couple first met through a dating platform called Coffee Meets Bagel and after proposing to her while on a holiday in the Maldives, Ong and Tay tied the knot in February 2020.

Congratulations to the happy parents!

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While the happy couple’s happy news is making us smile ear-to-ear, its also highlighted a key issue– safety during second pregnancy. As the couple pointed that this pregnancy wasn’t an easy one, their sentiments have likely been resonated with many mums who face similar fate.

For many, second pregnancy isn’t the same as the first one.

Staying Safe During Your Second Pregnancy

Image source: iStock

While you may be a lot more attuned to the symptoms during your second pregnancy, you may experience similar, severe, or no issues at all. Here are a few changes you can expect during the second pregnancy.

1. Expect more changes to your abdominal muscle. Don’t forget that your body may still be recovering from your previous baby which could lead to the size of your abdominal muscles changing as well as your uterus loosening during your second pregnancy.

2. More pain and aches in your body. Yes, you may experience more body aches and less energised. For this, sleeping with a maternity pillow or taking up prenatal yoga can help ease the pain.

3. Concerns about your second baby bump. It’s better and safer to discuss your pregnancy concerns with a healthcare professional as well as make sure to attend up-to-date screening tests including ultrasound scans to avoid any complications during your pregnancy.

4. You may carry lower. This is because your uterine muscles are no longer as firm as they once were. Plus, baby number two is liable to be larger than your firstborn.

5. You may notice foetal movement sooner. That bubbly, fluttery sensation you felt in your first pregnancy may come back sooner than you imagines. Yes, it won’t be gas, but your baby moving. By month four of this pregnancy, you’ll likely experience this, instead of the fifth month during your first pregnancy.

Either way, know that all pregnancies are different and they don’t change the way you’ll love your bub when you first hold him in your arms.

Lead image source from Instagram / daniel_ong_singapore.


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