PlayStation Project Q could release in November — what we know

 Sony Project Q handheld console
Sony Project Q handheld console

Earlier this week Sony announced a brand new handheld, known only as Project Q, which would be able to stream games directly from your home PS5. Sony promised the device would arrive later this year, but didn’t provide a more precise release window. Thankfully, a new rumor claims the handheld may arrive in November.

This detail comes from Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, the same reporter that spilled details about the Sony handheld back in April. Henderson tweeted that Project Q is currently on track to release in mid to late November of this year. Presumably the PlayStation earbuds will launch around the same time, if not sooner.

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Henderson didn’t divulge any additional details about Project Q, including how much we can expect the device to cost. But if what he says is accurate, it means Project Q will go on sale just in time for the holidays — and around the PS5’s third birthday.

Project Q itself takes the form of an 8-inch LCD tablet with one half of a DualSense controller on either side. More or less the PlayStation analogue to the Nintendo Switch, but without the ability to play standalone games. As far as we know this will be a streaming-only device that gives you remote access to games running on your PS5.

Of course we are seriously hoping there’s more to Project Q than a mere streaming portal. The PS5 and PS4 both allow remote play to smartphones, and it’s possible to get a range of controller grips that let you play games without connecting to a DualSense controller. Controller grips like the Backbone One.

There’s always the potential to add PlayStation Plus's cloud gaming into the mix as well. Since that feature doesn’t appear to be available on smartphones and tablets, and if implemented properly Project Q could let users take cloud gaming on the go. But those are some very big ifs, and Sony hasn’t announced anything of the sort so far.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but you can read up on everything we know about the Sony Project Q in our hub.

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