Planning a road trip to the hills? Follow these tips

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Planning a road trip to the hills? Follow these tips
Planning a road trip to the hills? Follow these tips

02 Oct 2021: Planning a road trip to the hills? Follow these tips

Traveling is a way of life for many. Some might take a flight or train to their destination and move ahead with their vacation plans, while many prefer the road for their trip. But a road trip to hilly areas or a hill station is not easy as it sounds. You have to take many precautions before starting your journey. We help you here.

Pre-check: Prepare a pre-traveling check list and ensure ticking all boxes

Some love to travel in a car and some on bikes. Whatever the vehicle is, it's essential to check and replace tires, brake pads, engine oil, battery, fuel tank, lights, glass wipers, and heater before embarking on a road trip in hilly areas. If you are going to a place that receives snow, like Kashmir, carry snow chains for tires and antifreeze windshield cover.

Packing #1: Don't miss to pack these things to hilly areas

Be it a hilly area or dry land, carry a thermal water bottle to withstand the cold weather. Always stay hydrated. Carry moisturizers, lip balms, medicines, and dry shampoo to take care of your skin and hair in such a climate. Remember to always keep your power bank charged and use a mobile case for protection. Maintain cash rather than depending on ATMs.

Packing #2: Adapt yourself to the climatic conditions

Definitely carry woolen clothes if you are planning a road trip to cold hill stations. Use gloves and winter caps as well. Eat chocolates to keep your body warm. Prepare for the worst conditions because weather is sometimes unpredictable in hilly regions. Confirm your hotel stay before the day of traveling. Though hotels provide you with bedding, carry blankets to stay safe.

Precautions: Some precautions you can take while on a road trip

Always use fog lights on foggy roads and pass lights before overtaking the vehicle in front of yours. The snow on the road might lead to vehicle skidding, so steer your car or bike in the same direction. Regularly check for weather reports of your journey route and destination. Don't hesitate to stop your vehicle to allow heavy trucks/buses to cross. Maintain low speed.

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