'Planet Classroom Network': The global multicultural YouTube channel for young people launching in January

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CMRubinWorld has announced that 'Planet Classroom Network' launches January 4, 2021, on YouTube.

The "Planet Classroom Network" promises a YouTube channel for young people, by young people, loaded with content from a host of major organizations. This online classroom is set to open its virtual doors on the video-sharing platform at the beginning of January. It offers a six-month program with a focus on the arts, enabling young audiences to experience stories from all around the world.

Head over to YouTube January 4, 2021, to check out this multicultural project launched by CMRubinWorld. Titled " Planet Classroom Network ," this YouTube channel "for youth, by youth" will offer programming from over 20 major global organizations. Billed as a "World's Fair of Learning," the project aims to bring together "an international community of storytellers, design thinkers and new technology creators to present highly entertaining and compelling programming to youth around the world," the news release explains.

This giant classroom, of global scale, hopes to support inclusivity, youth wellbeing and unity, while also tackling the world's global challenges through videos featuring interesting content curated by over 20 global cultural institutions, such as Global Nomads , the Dream a Dream Foundation , the Global Oneness educational platform, and many more.

"We are excited to have this opportunity to foster more dialogue and understanding among the world's youth," said Courtney Welsh, Global Nomads CEO.

"Documentaries play a powerful role in inspiring and uniting people around the world, and along with other curators, we look forward to sharing powerful international stories on critical issues such as poverty, education, gender equality, race and responsible consumption and production," explained Daniela Kon Lieberberg, founder and executive director of SIMA Studios , which is also taking part in the project.

The full list of participants in the "Planet Classroom Network" project, as well as the program for this "Season 1" edition will be unveiled ahead of the channel's launch in 2021.

"Research has shown us time and time again that the arts and social impact learning unite people across borders. The covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic and societal consequences have amplified an already existing crisis of youth mental health and created new barriers for those who seek care and support. We came to the conclusion the world's youth needed their own YouTube channel where they can work with each other and seek sustainable solutions for their planet," said CMRubinWorld co-founder and CEO, Cathy Rubin.

The project aims to support multiculturalism and encourage communities to come together by experiencing narratives from different cultures and viewing their peers through a global lens.