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Saturday 25, January

With the New Moon energy still filtering through your dream zone today, you may feel slightly out of it, Pisces. When the closed-off parts of your psyche are opened by the stars this way, it's normal to tune out the rest of the world. Nap, daydream, and don't worry about your real-life responsibilities for a bit.

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Friday 24, January

The New Moon arrives this evening, and it's rife with power, Pisces. This lunation wakes up your house of dreams, giving you deep insight into your very own deep and magical psyche. Set intentions for your next six months of self-care, healing, and psychological wellness.

Thursday 23, January

The planet of shakeups is in a hard square with the Sun in your dream zone this morning, and that can be jarring for your sensitive constitution. If you feel overly reactive and anxious, it's totally normal, Pisces. It may not fade until the weekend, however, because tomorrow's New Moon can exacerbate the tension.

Wednesday 22, January

With the Moon in Capricorn today, focus on your friends and colleagues for the win. This energy is perfect for building creative coalitions and reconnecting with helpful social alliances, Pisces. Whether you work with this powerful energy online or off, surround yourself with likeminded people - those who just get you.

Tuesday 21, January

With the Moon in void-of-course motion for a longer period of time than usual today, the lunar energy is a bit strange, and neither-here-nor-there. You might feel a bit confused and out of it, but that's perfectly normal. Your creativity, however, could be at an all-time high.

Monday 20, January

The Sun moves into Aquarius today, where it will light up your dream zone for the next four weeks. The emphasis on rest and renewal is strong now, Pisces, so take those restorative naps and focus on your inner self for the next month. Consider it an extended bout of beauty sleep before your own birthday season one month from now.

Sunday 19, January

You've been super inspired for the last few days, and now you can use that energy to fire up your career and hit the high notes. The Moon will move up to the top of your chart to push you into your next set of professional plans and ideas. You have so many things you'd love to tackle but where to start? You know the answer, Pisces.

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