Pinky Cheung supportive of "My Date with a Vampire" remake

21 Dec – Former ATV actress Pinky Cheung recently expressed her support for the company's plan to remake her hit 1998 drama, "My Date with a Vampire".

As reported on Singtao, the actress who spoke to the media at an event recently, shared that she is happy to hear that her former company has been resurrected as a digital station.

"I hope that the company will continue to flourish," she said.

When asked about its Digital Media CEO Ng Yu's plan to produce a remake of the aforementioned drama, Pinky said that she is unsure about it.

"A classic will always remain a classic. But of course, if they want to do it, I will continue to support them," she said.

However, now that she is a part of TVB, Pinky said that she won't be able to join the project if it's offered to her.

"But I hope that it will help bring jobs to my former ATV colleagues," she added.

As for Eric Wan, who played the lead in the original drama, the actor said that he has met with ATV top management to discuss his return, although admitted that he is not keen of being involved in another vampire project.

(Photo Source: Sing Tao Daily)