Pinball Wizard: Escape Back to the 1990s

Teo Dawn

As COVID-19 seems more stabilised in Singapore, it is high time we get out of this funk and slowly make our way back out into living life. And what better way to do so than to ease back into the nightlife with good drinks, music to vibe to and complete with pinball machines. Singapore’s Pinball Wizard, by the same crew who brought to you NINETEEN80, is back with fresh offerings this March to chase the blues away with weekly hip hop nights every Saturday called Boombox with DJs Ollie’des and Smookey.

The pinball machines date as far back as the 70s and you might find yourself spoilt for choice, from varying themes of Star Wars to Family Guy. To hype up the whole experience, here are some drinks to have while you venture into this space at Sim Lim Square’s basement.

Berry Poppins 

One of their crowd-favourites is reminiscent of a grown up version of bubble tea. Strong upon initial taste due to the bourbon, the sweetness comes from the pearls that burst in your mouth. It is a good alternative to the regular vodka cranberry – a club favourite. 

Flower Power

Are you someone who enjoys the high, but would like to skip that alcohol taste? This drink might be for you. Flirty and delicious, it’s the Ribena-inspired cocktail of their alcohol menu. Also, marvel at its colour transformation as you stir the Butterfly Pea infused Gin together with the Elderflower syrup and other fruity ingredients.

Yellow Submarine

Textured and relative full-bodied, this is a drink that is almost savoury. The cinnamon scent catches your attention and it is a good drink to hold on to for the entire night. Because of its higher alcohol content, this one is for sipping, and certainly not for downing. Look out for their more classic drinks as well, such as the Salty White Russian and the Banana Julius Flip.

Peanut Butter & Jelly 

This concoction smells delicious and at some point as we drank it, we noticed it subtly shifting from Ferraro Rocher to cranberry juice. It is certainly one for the more adventurous.

Crouching Tiger 

Hands down – it is one of my favourites. The Crouching Tiger harnesses the floral taste of the chrysanthemum, and when paired with tequila and lychee liqueur, it brings out a sweet and flowery aftertaste. This is the sort of shot you can have throughout the night.

To beat the COVID fever, Pinball Wizard is running promotions for students, ladies and whoever is celebrating their birthday – time to take your gal pals there for a no-frills fun night out.

Pinball Wizard can be found at the basement of Sim Lim Square, and is the only pinball arcade in Singapore. Click here to find out more.


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