Pinar Toprak to become first female composer to score major superhero movie

Ben Arnold
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel (Credit: Marvel)

Pinar Toprak is to score Captain Marvel, making her the first female composer to helm a major superhero movie soundtrack.

She announced the news yesterday through her Instagram page.

“I’m so thrilled to finally announce that I will be scoring the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL!” she wrote.

“It’s an incredible honor to be a part of the Marvel Universe. So many thoughts racing through my head. And the main one is gratitude.”

She’s recently provided music for the Superman prequel series Krypton, for the SyFy channel, and also grabbed an additional music credit for the Justice League movie for DC and Warner Bros, working with Danny Elfman.

She’s also worked alongside the legendary Hans Zimmer, for his Remote Control Productions.

The movie is shooting as we speak, with Brie Larson playing Carol Danvers, the Air Force pilot who is exposed to alien DNA in an accident, becoming one of the galaxy’s most powerful beings.

She’s then hurled into a intergalactic conflict between two alien worlds.

Set in the 1990s, it also stars Samuel L. Jackson, reprising his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Nick Fury, Lee Pace and Djimon Hounsou reprising their roles as Ronan The Accuser and Korath from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Clark Gregg, reprising his role as Agent Phil Coulson.

Jude Law also stars as Mar-Vell, Danvers’ mentor.

Helmed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, it’s due for release in March, 2019.

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