Pierre Ngo's projects halted after leaving TVB

20 Mar – Pierre Ngo (Ngo Ka Nin) recently admitted that his previous hectic schedule was the reason why he decided not to renew his contract with TVB.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who went on an i-Cable show to talk about his career recently, stated that he already had numerous projects at hand back when he made the decision.

"The company had arranged me to shoot a new drama in April, but I had a stage play in addition to filming movies and TV shows," he said.

Pierre stated that TVB wanted to discuss about his contract renewal and made him great offers.

"There were additional work and the conditions were very good. But I didn't want my work to overlap. I thank them for their understanding," he said.

However, following his departure, the outbreak of COVID-19 took a turn for the worse. His stage play was postponed until September, while his movies and TV shows are halted until further notice.

Despite all of this, Pierre is still optimistic about it, stressing that everything will turn out fine.

(Photo Source: Pierre Ngo Instagram)