How to pick the right bob cut for your face shape in 2022

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right bob cut for face
right bob cut for face

Sorry fans of long hair, but the bob cut is definitely the cut for 2022. Here’s how to pick the right bob cut for your style and face shape.

It’s a haircut that signals change, and it is undoubtedly for this reason that it is often very appreciated at the start of a new season or a new school year. The bob makes the neck visible and is a hairstyle associated with boosted confidence. If you needed more reasons, it’s also particularly easy to maintain.

After the liquid bob and the Italian bob, here are the three most trendy bobs this fall, for a more stylish return to the office.

How to pick the right bob cut for your face shape and style

The French bob: the most chic

(Image credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)
(Image credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

It started making its comeback last spring to become one of the key hair trends of the fall. The French bob or bob ‘à la française’ pays tribute to the chic of Parisian women envied by the entire world, this mix between elegant and casual. In France, as abroad, it is considered timeless, and for good reason. It was already particularly popular in the 1920s as women’s looks reflected their growing emancipation in society With its clean neckline, stately profile and nonchalance, the French bob is the ideal cut to mirror this attitude of self-assurance or self-confidence, often boosted over summer months.

Particularly short, the French bob is distinguished by hair falling at jaw level – with or without volume, it doesn’t matter – and with the possibility of changing things up by switching between sleek and straight hair, curls, or even a wavy effect. It’ll suit most face shapes, especially oval ones. For round faces, get it cut at the jawline and add a fringe to elongate the face instead of making it look rounder.

We’re not going to lie, the coiffed/un-coiffed effect remains a must in order to give off that famous French elegance. Once you try it, it’s hard to go back to another style.

The Scandi bob: the easiest to style

(Image credit: @duomalin)
(Image credit: @duomalin)

After France, this European hair journey takes us to Denmark, Norway and Sweden, with the Scandi bob. Very popular with Nordic influencers, this ultra-flattering bob is now arriving in the rest of Europe, to the delight of those who don’t want to spend their entire morning in the bathroom. This is exactly what makes the Scandinavian bob so charming and desirable, since it’s easy to both style and maintain

A tad longer than the French bob, the Scandi bob is associated with a length that hits below the jaw line, ideal for women who are reluctant to radically change their head, especially since it perfectly frames the face without giving a severe look. Chic, it brings movement and volume to your hair with just a few brush strokes, and can be worn with a parting in the middle, or, for more glamour, on the side. The Scandi bob is great for a square face if you keep the look soft and layered; a sharp, blunt bob that hits right at your chin will accentuate your jaw, creating a boxy effect.

The airy bob: the most fun

(Image credit: @pollyhey)
(Image credit: @pollyhey)

Yes, a haircut should be fun, and that’s what we need this fall. Designed for all hair textures, the airy bob will be particularly popular for those with flat or fine hair, for the simple reason that it adds volume and a feeling of lightness. Both elegant and relaxed — a combination that makes the bob — this voluminous haircut is already racking up likes on Instagram in a host of variations.

Indeed all tastes are different: the hair of an airy bob hits slightly below the jawline. But some influencers have opted for a shorter version, without distorting this cut with a destructured finish. Unlike the French bob and the Scandi bob, this bob is distinguished by slight layering, which gives the hair even more volume and movement, and hair ends turned inwards.

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(Hero and featured image: Edward Berthelot / Contributor/Getty Images)

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