Pia Wurtzbach: The next Miss Universe needs to be more "spicy"!

Heidi Hsia

27 Feb – Gone are the days where beauty queens must be sweet and gentle, as Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach believes that the next Miss Universe should have a little bit more "spice" to their personality.

As reported on Inquirer, the beauty queen-turned-actress who was asked to pick between "sweet" and "spicy" when it comes to the next beauty queen, stated, "We're done with the era that celebrates "sweet" beauty queens. I feel that the next Miss Universe should have a "spicy" personality. When she walks into a room, she should catch your attention right away."

Pia stated that being sweet is something that's already given and that as a beauty queen, one already knows that one should be relatable to people.

"You should be authentic, and that makes you sweet. But you should also have that "it" factor, and the confidence that will make you "spicy"," she said.

When asked if she would be involved in this year's Miss Universe pageant, Wurtzbach stated that she is not officially a part of it.

"But if they need me to come and do a pep talk with the girls, I would be willing to do so. But right now, I am trying to focus on my career," she said.

It is noted that the actress has recently resumed filming her new Black Sheep movie alongside Vhong Navarro.

(Photo Source: Pia Wurtzbach Instagram)