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Bad Diet - A poor diet is also greatly responsible for drowning your libido as intake of unhealthy food or no food at all leaves you weak. This weakness walks in with you in your bedroom and you don't possess enough stamina for pleasuring your partner successfully. No energy means low libido and you witness yourself just lying side by side with no action.

Eating a lot of green vegetables and fruit will help you keep fresh and active all day, boosting your vitality for a more interesting sex life.

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Top Factors that Kill Your Libido

There can be a multitude of reasons why you or your partner can't perform well in the bedroom. And no matter what the reason might be, the result will always be the same i.e. you and your partner will start drifting away from each other. This is quite common among couples that fail to satisfy each other's needs, be it emotional or sexual.

Both needs complete a relationship and make it stronger. If you communicate with words, you communicate with your bodies too. And that communication takes place in the most important room of the house i.e. the bedroom.

Here's a look at the top factors that kill your libido.

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