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Printed shawls/scarves elongate your torso.

Printed shawls/scarves elongate your torso.
If you feel you could use some help in lengthening your figure, try draping printed scarves or shawls over your outfit. “Scarves and shawls can add extra oomph to an outfit and draw the eyes downward, elongating the torso,” says Danah.

Six Style Tips For Curvy Women

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Forget the notion that only slim women can be sexy and attractive. That’s a load of nonsense. Once women accept their figure for what it is, a veil rises and they see that they are beautiful, no matter their shape or size. To help style women who are blessed with curves, we give you the twins behind the phenomenally successful blog, The Plump Pinay. Stacy and Danah Gutierrez have taken it upon themselves to show Pinays everywhere that body-love is probably the best gift you can give yourself. So take their style tips to heart—they will help you showcase your beautiful curves. By Cecile Baltasar for Yahoo Philippines All photos by Stacy and Danah Gutierrez