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Create a onesie greeting.

1. Create a onesie greeting.
Buy an affordable set of white onesies or rompers, and stick paper letters spelling out the celebrant’s or her future baby’s name onto them using double-sided adhesive (we used washi paper from Saizen, Robinsons Galleria). String this bunting in front of the door to greet guests and the mom-to-be. When the shower is done, give the onesies to the celebrant.  The fabric bunting is from www.lapommehome.com.

Six affordable baby shower ideas

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So you’re playing host to your friend’s baby shower—you’ve rounded up the girls and bought the nappy-shaped cookies—now how do you spruce up your home? You don’t have to fall into the all-blue or all-pink theme, or dole out a lot of cash to get a party organizer to prep the space. Here are six cute decorating ideas you can do by yourself using school supplies, your own gifts, and items you may already have at home. Text and photos by Lauren Fernandez for Yahoo Philippines