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Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate, by Patti Stanger

Ah, Patti Stanger. We will totally admit that in The Millionaire Matchmaker, you created some pretty ridiculous/entertaining TV that was known to play on repeat in our college dorm rooms. But, this book. Here's how it's described on its Amazon.com page: "To every single woman sitting home alone wondering, 'Where are all the good men, and why isn't a gorgeous one standing shirtless in my kitchen mixing me up a pomegranate mojito?' [Patti] says, 'I hate to tell you this girlfriend, but it's your own fault.'"

Hmm. That guy standing shirtless in the kitchen mixing a pink cocktail sounds suspiciously like one of the gay BFFs on Sex and the City, not any kind of man we'd like to marry. Patti, we love you, but your advice is way too antiquated and superficial to be anything more than entertainment.

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The “Self-Help” Books We Wouldn’t Touch with a 10-Foot Pole

By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

Ok, so, can we talk about something? Self-help dating books for women. Why. Are. They. So. Dumb? Self-help books can have their place, and can be an effective method for finding some perspective and self-awareness without shelling out major dough for a therapist (or annoying your friends to death with endless discussions of your problems). But, come on. Make Every Man Want You? Why Men Love Bitches? The Power of the P*ssy?! We just…we can't.

These books treat women like we're all weepy doormats and the only "problem" we have that needs solving is the lack of a man in our lives. Not to mention the fact that they treat relationships like they're something for women to "figure out," rather than an equal partnership that requires effort from both parties involved - because that would just be lunacy, obvi.

So, without further ado, here is our round-up of the worst, cheesiest, most laughable self-help books for women. The scariest part of this, in our minds, is that these books are bestsellers, meaning that smart, logical, well-educated, beautiful women actually buy into this junk.

True, there may be some lessons to be learned in a few of these books, but the fact that they're packaged in these generalized, insulting, heart-cat-and-lipstick-adorned covers is ridiculous, and we won't have it. We're also not sure what's worse: The male authors telling us what's "wrong" with us, or the female authors who just further ridiculous gender typecasting by writing this drivel.

Click through, have a good laugh, and amaze with us over the fact that yes, these books actually exist.

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