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Chewing Candy or Fruit - Many dieters have fallen for the trick, buying chewy candies that are labeled to have fruit content in them. If you look closely at some brands, you'll see that the chewy food contained inside is of the same in size and shape regardless of its contents. The chewy candy contains nothing but calories and sugar coated with food coloring. Avoid being fooled and verify the ingredients before making your purchase.
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5 Food Label Tricks and How to Avoid Them

Sometimes, you might see food labels that contain words that are exactly similar to what you want to read in a label. This is known as delusional labeling where the manufacturers make you believe that the product contains exactly what you need and you should buy it at all costs.

Following are the few tips available in the' Journal of Consumer Research' that can help dieters from all backgrounds escape the delusions cast by manufacturers.

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