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Stay Busy

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Stay Busy
If you haven't figured out what makes you tick now's the time. Try new things and fill your time with whatever you feel is a good use of it. Clean, workout, volunteer or start taking a class. Stay busy in an effort to discourage yourself from contacting your ex.
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The Art of Moving On: 8 Essential Tips for Surviving a Breakup

I will never forget my first heartbreak. In fact I will never forget any of them. Why? Because each time it somehow felt like my world was ending. As a teenager I would sob, experience a loss of appetite and curl into a ball, and even as a young adult when my now husband and I broke up I did the same thing. The only difference was that I hid it better because it wasn't just me anymore. Being a mom and an adult with responsibilities I didn't get to play hooky from work, refrain from showering and sit on the couch watching Lifetime movies or crying to the tune of old love songs. I had to keep going. Being a mother helped me further understand that life doesn't stop for you to grieve. Whether it's the lost of a relationship or something far worse you have to keep going, and there are tricks you can use. Click through for 8 essential tips for surviving a breakup! -By Krishann Briscoe


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