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A Versatile Cure
Kimberly, of Tippy Toes and Tantrums, carried lemons around with her to smell (vigorously!) whenever she felt sick. 32 weeks of nausea = a whole lotta lemons. In my case, lemon drops were a must. And Nicole was a big fan of lemonade.
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7 Natural Ways to Fight Extreme Morning Sickness

Morning sickness. While that's all it is to many, some of us know better. It can last all day - even all pregnancy - and be really hard to manage. As we've seen quite publicly with Kate Middleton, it can even be a serious health risk. So please be sure you're monitoring yours closely and working with your doctor to do what's best for your personal circumstances. (In my case, I needed my doctor's help as well.) But if you're trying to avoid the doctor, here are 7 medicine and pill-free ways to treat morning sickness that worked for me and my pregnant friends. - By Amy Heinz


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