The 7 Most Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

I sat down with Bruce Fife, the world's leading expert on coconut oil, and discussed the miraculous promises of using coconut oil for anything from beauty products to health boosters. Dr. Fife mentioned that the lauric acid in coconut oil can clear up acne (which I paid special attention to!), so I went home and immediately started slathering it on every night. One week later, nearly all of my little break-outs have cleared up, my skin is soft, and there's a healthy glow I didn't see a week ago. Research also shows that the high percentage of medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil may actually help you boost your brain power! Want to see if one of the many promises associate with coconut oil will work for you? Here's are 7 surprising ways you can enhance your health, one scoop of oil at a time! - By Brooke Mclay

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