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2. Monogamy is a mountain too high for some
Let's not be blind to reality. Daily life does put a damper on things and flat out exhausts us by day end. As kinky as you may've felt during a short sext interlude at 1pm, getting home to a tons of chores whilst nursing a migraine from prepping for a 10pm concall with corporate later that night can wipe you out, leaving less energy and enthusiasm to physically bond in the same way as the week before. Now, extrapolate this over 40 years… you get the picture.

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7 More Reasons People Cheat

Affairs seldom last. And if they do, it's only a matter of time before it enters the same routine as the relationship before. But while some people move over to the dark side in the name of love, affection, emotional connection and attachment, others cross over because of boredom, a strong physical attraction or simply gave in to an itch that grew itchier by the day. Read:Things Men Really Want Or Look For in Women

The figures surrounding infidelity are frightening. But what topples our fears is that modern relationships may somehow need new skills to keep their love boat from sinking. A grim reality prevails - existing surveys reflect attitudes of only those who responded and who chose to bare the truth, a fraction of the total population. The fact that there are no standard profiles of cheaters to look out for complicates things even further. Read:Six Bedroom Design Ideas for Married Couples

Non traditional reasons to cheat

A lack of emotional intimacy, physical neglect and abandonment are bad enough reasons to cheat and stray. But when it's for reasons of boredom and stems from polyamorous fetishes, preferences for open experimental sex, where couples "swing" due to an ability to "share" someone they love, it's no wonder the word "committed relationship" starts to lose its original lustre. Read:Second Marriages: How to Handle the Exes

Welcome to the post-internet world, where SUVs, kids, never-ending piles of laundry, a huge mortgage, and a less than satisfactory work life-personal life-sex life balance upsets a relationship's natural rhythm, temping a person to seek pockets of happiness outside a union. Cheating in the new world includes grey areas like flirting, kissing, online sexual communications, webcam sex, and can be anything that breaches a relationship contract and be kept a secret. Adultery seems to have found a scapegoat in boredom and hormonal attraction. But when did private bedroom behaviour get so "boring" that people got gutsy and became unfaithful?

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