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BIGBANG TAEYANG’s White Night concert tour in Singapore (Photo: YG Entertainment)

BIGBANG TAEYANG’s White Night concert tour in Singapore (Photo: YG Entertainment)

PHOTOS: Taeyang says BIGBANG members are 'biggest joys in life' at Singapore concert

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter

Less than half a year after BIGBANG leader G-Dragon’s concert in Singapore, group member Taeyang held his own solo concert “WHITE NIGHT” on Friday (27 Oct) at The Star Performing Arts Centre at The Star Vista.

During the concert, Taeyang performed more than 20 songs and two encores, performing well-known hits such as “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, “Wedding Dress”, “Darling” and “Ringa Linga”, as well as BIGBANG songs “Last Dance” and “Fantastic Baby”.

After performing the BIGBANG song “Last Dance”, the 29-year-old vocalist asked the audience in English, “How is the song when I sing it alone? Is it okay?”

“Every time I sing BIGBANG’s songs alone, I miss my members a lot. The biggest joy and happiness in my life is having my BIGBANG members in my life,” he added.

Taeyang also went on to thank the fans (known as VIPs) for their continuous support for BIGBANG, saying, “We were able to perform the music we like and spend the last 10 years together because of you guys. Thank you so much for showing love to us.”

He did not mention fellow member T.O.P, who was suspended from the Korean military and received a suspended jail sentence in July.  But he did express hope in returning to Singapore “with all of my BIGBANG members”.

Taeyang was last in Singapore in 2015 for his first solo concert tour, “RISE”. His third and latest solo album, “WHITE NIGHT”, was released in August. Since the album’s release, Taeyang has been holding concerts in various cities around the world, including Seoul, New York, Toronto, San Jose, Manila, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Singapore, with the final stop in Taipei.

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