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Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

The carnival is held from 8 December 2017 tlll 1 April 2018, and is open daily from 4pm to 11pm. Admission is free, and credits for rides and games can be purchased online or on-site. (Photo: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)

PHOTOS: What to expect at 'Singapore's biggest carnival'

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter

[UPDATE on Tuesday 5 December 2017: The event will open on 15th December instead of the 8th]

Who says there is nothing to do in Singapore?

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, touted as the biggest carnival in Singapore, will be held at the Marina Bay Area from 15 December 2017 to 1 April 2018.

Occupying 25,000sq m at The Promontory and Bayfront Event Space, the carnival will have more than 40 rides and games, with more than a million toys to be won.

It was earlier announced that the event would open on 8 December. However, an update to the press on Tuesday (5 Dec) stated that it will be pushed back by a week to allow more time for the organisers to work closely with specialist engineers, consultants and local authorities.

“We are awaiting the final go-ahead. So we are making this hard decision to open a week later so that we can deliver on-promise a complete and authentic experience to our visitors,” said the lead of the organising team, Barnabas Chia.

The carnival will be open daily from 4pm to 11pm, except for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when it will start from 3pm. Admission is free, but credits for the rides and games can be purchased on-site or online via the official website.


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