Phoebe Sin clueless about Ruco Chan's burial site purchase

21 Sep – TVB artiste Phoebe Sin admitted that she has no clue as to whether or not it is true that fiancé Ruco Chan has bought them a burial site.

As reported on On CC, sources recently revealed that the actor has bought ten burial sites at a columbarium for his family, which include one for his future wife.

When asked about it, Phoebe said that the actor never mentioned about such a purchase before.

"I know that marriage is such a happy occasion, but I never really thought that far ahead. Right now, I am focused on my wedding plans and how to look pretty at my wedding," she said.

When mentioned that Ruco had spent HKD2 million for the burial sites, Phoebe responded, "Maybe you should ask him instead. I want to know about that too."

Nonetheless, the former Miss Hong Kong contestant said that she is moved by the gesture.

"He is serious when he's working. I really love that side of him," she added.

(Photo source: Phoebe Sin Instagram)