Phoebe Dynevor's gone lighter, debuting new 'rum and raisin' hair transformation

Ok, yes, we love naming hair colours after food. Pumpkin spiced latte hair, barista blonde, pinot noir hair, tiramisu, gingerbread red, but here's the thing... people get it. There are so many different colours in the delicious world of food, that it makes it the easiest universal reference. That's why when trying to describe Phoebe Dynevor's new hair colour, nothing seemed to fit better than rum and raisin.

It makes sense doesn't it? After a stint with super dark hair, the Bridgerton star has softened her hue to a delicious multi-tonal, multidemensional smorgasbord of warm browns and washes of soft reds. Hence... 'rum and raisin'; the warm caramelly tones of the rum and the red-brown of the raisins.

Attending the Louis Vuitton Cruise show on the island of Isola Bella in Italy, Phoebe debuted the new lighter hue, adding a softness to her all black outfit.

While she's been brunette before, this new take embraces plenty of her natural red tones and makes her porcelain skin sing. While you may not consider it a light hair colour, it's a pretty big shift from the almost black brown we've most recently seen her sporting.

Or the brooding pinot noir hair everyone went crazy for.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's quite frankly unfair how well she pulls off red, blonde and brunette. But, looking at the shades chosen, credit where credit is due, none of these have been chosen carelessly. Props to her colourists because they never miss.

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