Philippines' Karen Ibasco is the new Miss Earth

6 Nov – Karen Ibasco recently brought the Miss Earth crown back to the Philippines by winning it at the aforementioned pageant held in Manila on 2 November.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the beauty queen, who is also a medical physicist, succeeded last year's winner, Ecuador's Katherine Espin as the new Miss Earth after inspiring the audience with her charm and wit.

When asked what she thinks is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth during the Q&A session, Ibasco stepped away from the usual answer of "climate change" and responded with human being's "ignorance and apathy".

"What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps because together, as a global community, our micro-efforts will have a macro-effect to help save our home, our planet," she said.

Prior to Ibasco, the Philippines had won the title back-to-back in 2014 and 2015 by Jamie Herrel and Angelia Ong. However, the crown was lost to Ecuadorian beauty Katherine Espin after Philippines bet, Imelga Schweighart failed to even make it pass the first cut.

(Photo Source: Earth Air Fire & Water Instagram)