Philip Keung would not put too much hope in winning at HKFA

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

6 Mar – Although he has been selected to win the Bright Star Award by the Asian Pop-Up Cinema in Chicago, Philip Keung stated that he will not think too much about his chance at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

As reported on AM730, the actor who appeared at the press conference of a new TVB variety show recently, shared that he is just happy to be able to represent Hong Kong in the international arena through his movie, "A Witness Out of the Blue".

"As for the HKFA, I will face it with a normal heart. I am just very happy to be able to be in the same category as Alex Man, an actor that I respect very much," he said.

Philip is nominated for his performance the aforementioned film at the HKFA, while Alex is nominated for his role in the Aaron Kwok-starrer, "I'm Livin' It". Other nominees are Cheung Tat Ming ("I'm Livin' It"), Lo Chun Yip ("Suk Suk"), and Zhang Qi ("The New King of Comedy").

On the other hand, the actor admitted that a lot of his projects have been postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, though he will proceed to filming a new series with TVB next month alongside Benjamin Yuen.

(Photo Source: Philip Keung Instagram)