Philadelphia's Cadence tops Food & Wine's list of best new restaurants in the US 2019

Cadence Restaurant, Philadelphia

Philadelphia restaurant Cadence has been named America's best new restaurant of 2019 for its "simple pleasures and serious food" by Food & Wine magazine. 

This year, the class of 2019 has been published as a top 10 list, the first time the magazine has ranked their picks of the best new restaurants. 

For its feel-good charm, live-fire cooking, complex flavors and hospitality, Cadence, steered by chefs Jon Nodler, Samantha Kincaid, and Michael Fry, was given the top spot by restaurant editor at large Jordana Rothman. 

For the project, Rothman flew to 24 cities and logged 30,000 miles to curate the top 10 list, dining at some of the most dynamic and exciting new restaurants across the US. 

Rounding out the top three spots are Suerte in Austin, Texas and Frenchette in NYC. 

Herb dumplings are like the "creamiest gnocchi" bathing in a mustard butter, writes Rothman, while a lamb ragu is like a "tractor-pull contest of brightness and funk." 

Then there's the charred tomatillo with rings of grilled squid; huckleberries with bison tartare; and buttermilk with pink slices of bavette. 

The top 10 list spans the country from Los Angeles to New York, and cities in between. 

Here are the best new restaurants of 2019:

1. Cadence, Philadelphia - Chef Jon Nodler, Chef Michael Fry, and Pastry Chef Samantha Kincaid 
2. Suerte, Austin, Texas - Chef Fermin Nunez and Restaurateur Sam Hellman-Mass 
3. Frenchette, New York City - Chef Riad Nasr and Chef Lee Hanson 
4. Konbi, Los Angeles - Chefs Akira Akuto and Nick Montgomery 
5. Kumiko, Chicago - Chef Noah Sandoval and Creative Director Julia Momose 
6. Adda Indian Canteen, Long Island City, NY - Chef Chintan Pandya 
7. Fox & the Knife, Boston - Chef Karen Akunowicz 
8. Indigo, Houston - Chef Jonny Rhodes 
9. Nightshade, Los Angeles - Chef Mei Lin 
10. Piece of Meat, New Orleans - Butchers Leighann Smith and Daniel Jackson