PG One in hot water over obscene lyrics

12 Jan – After getting entangled in rumours of an affair with actress Li Xiaolu, wife of actor Jia Nailiang, Chinese rapper PG One recently made the news again, this time for his past music.

As reported on, PG One's 2015 track, "Christmas Eve" recently resurfaced online, with netizens highlighting the vulgar language he used in the songs, including one about forcing himself on a woman and using drugs.

The lyric goes, "sleeping in the day, shouting at night, pure white powder walking on the board".

A feminist newspaper in China had since picked up on the issue, and blasted the song for promoting drugs and being disrespectful towards women.

The 24-year-old rapper had since responded to the criticisms, saying that he will remove any inappropriate songs from the internet and vowed to only bring positive energy in his future songs.

At the same time, he blamed "deep influence of black music" for the vulgar lyrics, which only brought about more criticisms from netizens, with one saying that black music has nothing to do with such disrespect and others accusing PG One of racial discrimination.

(Photo Source: China Daily)