Petra Nemcova and husband play 'healing' music to baby son in hospital

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova is certain flute music is helping her baby son to grow strong following from his premature birth.

The Czech model announced in an Instagram post on Wednesday that she had given birth to her son on 15 November - six weeks before her due date

Giving an update to her followers on Thursday, Petra said she and husband Benjamin Larretche have been in the hospital playing music to the newborn while he's in an incubator.

She also briefly touched upon the health of their son, writing that he had been moved "from one hospital to the next", and shared her dismay that her birth plan had been "thrown out of the window" as she almost gave birth in their car.

"As our little one came unexpectedly, all that we prepared for got thrown out the window... Suddenly, our structured and organised birth plans were reassembled into an experience we were not prepared for," Petra wrote.

Explaining that Benjamin would play his indigenous flute during her daily meditation while pregnant, the star said that he has kept up the tradition in an effort to keep them calm during the turbulent time.

"Throughout the following days, moving from one hospital to the next, we held on to the one ritual that has been our foundation from the beginning: The sacred sounds of the flute," the 40-year-old wrote. "Everywhere we went so did the sounds of the flute."

Petra also noted that her son appeared to relax when the spiritual music was played, as it drowned out the sounds of the loud hospital.

"This was our only way to connect with him through the incubators to create a sacred space amidst a strange and loud environment. We envisioned and felt how the notes of the flute danced around him to heal him and comfort him," she sweetly concluded.

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