Petition Launched To 'Stop Disney Paying Critics For Good Reviews'

The internet is weird sometimes. Well, more than sometimes actually.

A petition has been launched calling for Disney to stop paying critics, which some corners of comic-book movie fandom genuinely believe it does.

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It’s thought that there’s a conspiracy abound that the Mouse House actually pays critics to hammer movies outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which it has owned since 2009, and leave the MCU alone.

And while thanks to the recent drubbing of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and 'X-Men: Apocalypse’ compared to 'Captain America: Civil War’, it might look that way, it is, of course, absolute nonsense.

Still, the petition is adamant.

“Disney has been continually paying critics to attack Non MCU movies,” reads its supporting statement.

“MCU movies are safe. They’re not challenging at all. Just like a comic book movie is 'supposed to be’. They’re not divisive or thought provoking. First they bashed Batman V Superman. They cleared BvS out of the way, gave Civil War (which wasn’t a perfect film) an Oscar, now they’re going to work on moving Apocalypse out the way…then they get offended when they’re accused of accepting gifts. Deadpool would have also suffered the same fate however it was released in February and was not an immediate threat. We need to raise awareness of this global plan to keep our films creative or risk have everything fall under the Disney label. Each studio brings their own distinctive and creative work and Disney needs to stop being greedy and understand this.”


So far, 'Captain America: Civil War’ remains unrewarded by the Academy, but that’s a minor point.

At the time of publishing 49 people have signed in solidarity, but who knows where this David and Goliath battle might end.

Image credits: Disney/Warner Bros