Pete Davidson Just Savagely Covered an Ariana Tattoo with the Word "Cursed"

Hannah Chambers
Photo credit: Gotham - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Since calling off their engagement in October, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been slowly covering up some of their 12 couple tattoos. Mostly, these coverups have been pretty mild, like the benevolent lil' black hearts they both used to hide old tatts. But, Pete's latest coverup is... not nice.

Tattoo artist Jon Mesa recently posted a photo of a Tootsie Roll Pop owl he did for Pete. (Side note: what is this guy's obsession with lollipops?) If you take a closer look at the pic, you'll see that the word "CURSED" now boldly lives on Pete's neck, where there the comedian originally had a "Mille Tendress" tattoo that matched one of Ari's, and is French for "a million tendernesses."

Here's the original tattoo, btw.

Photo credit: UMV/Star Max - Getty Images

This coverup is pretty much the exact opposite of tender. But, hey, Pete has approximately one million tattoos, so maybe it will eventually just kind of... blend in with the rest?

As yikes as this whole situation is, I would just like to attempt to remain positive and point out that there is at least one giant silver lining, here. While this relationship and subsequent breakup may have resulted in a ton of heartbreak and some brutal tattoo coverups, it did also give us one of the most banging albums of our time. So for that, I say, thank u, next.

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