Personality Traits, Compatibility And Everything Else About The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Energy Polarity: Yang/Masculine
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Anatomy: Hips, Thighs, and Liver
Metal: Tin
Gemstone: Topaz
Colour: Optimistic Yellows and Philosophical Purples

Sagittarius zodiac sign personality: Hoof-in-Mouth

Ever met someone who thinks they’re funny and are the life of the party, but the only one who truly laughs at their joke is themselves? You’ve basically met a Sagittarius – the sign with Michael Scott levels of cringe when it comes to social graces and overall delusions of grandeur.

Sagittarius considers themselves to be one of the most ‘honest’ signs of the zodiac. The trouble with that is that many a times, they don’t know the difference between honesty and self-righteousness. Unlike Scorpio who knows they’re destroying someone with their words, Sagittarius is forever baffled why people take offence when they’re just being ‘honest’. This is the sign that’ll often declare, “I’m just being frank and honest. It’s not my problem that you can’t handle the truth!”

Perhaps, that’s why Sagittarius can’t stay in one place too long. The mess they create with their ‘honesty’ is far too much for them to handle (and take accountability for). Thus, they love to travel and truly believe that wanderlust is their soul’s purpose. In actuality it’s because they’re too scared to take a journey within and explore their humanity and psyche. Deep feelings are something almost all Sagittarians are allergic to.

This is the sign that can turn positivity into something that’s severely toxic. They love the sound of their voice so much, that they almost always the first to tell others to look at the bright side of life, see the glass as half-full, and how nothing beats a good morning walk to get out of a bad mood. However, on the flip side, they can be the biggest champions to a cause, and will fight tooth-and-nail till justice is served.

Almost all Sagittarians love fitness. You’ll rarely find one who just sits at home, vegetating. They’re the annoying co-workers who won’t shut up about their new FitBit. You’ll see them competing in marathons, lifting heavy at the gym, and will try out all the latest fitness trends and hybrid workouts. They’re also complete klutzes and are incredibly accident prone.

Even the most sceptical of Centaurs have a strange connection to religion and spirituality. Whether they’re downright evangelical and orthodox, or believe in very controversial theories or philosophies, Sagittarius will happily share their – actually, they’ll never share – they’ll sermonise! Trying to fact-check with them is essentially pointless, because Sagittarius refuses to believe that they could ever be wrong. Unlike Libra who are masters in the art of debate, Sagittarius will steamroll and force their views onto others.

However, there’s a certain confidence to a Sagittarius that is pretty admirable and almost precious. Almost all Sagittarians believe they’re absolutely stunning. Somehow, they have this strange knack of being ridiculously lucky. Almost as though they get things without even working too hard for it. Gambles just seem to work out in their favour. Perhaps that’s because they’re ruled by Jupiter – the planet of all things grandiose and ‘lucky’. Irrespective of the dire nature of their circumstances, Sagittarius has the power to just manifest good things in life, just by coasting on their positivity. Then again, Jupiter in the Vedas is known as Brihaspati – the ‘Guru’ of the Devas. Thus, their ruling planet literally is cashing in divine favours from ‘The Gods’ to bless those born under his sign.

The one thing you need to realise is that Sagittarius truly does operate from a loving place. Barring the rare exceptions with afflicted moons and cursed risings, all Sagittarius come with pure intentions without traces of malice. As thoughtless as they can come across with their brutal dose of ‘honesty’, at least you can’t call them liars.

Furthermore, a Sagittarius will push us out of our comfort-zones and enable us to explore horizons that even the sun is too scared to shine above. They’ll get us to try the latest restaurants, expand our palette with new cuisines, and make getting lost in a new country a fun adventure filled with wonder. They may not be perfect, but they’re definitely fun. Just watch out for their ‘honesty’.

It Doesn’t Pay to be a Runaway Lover

Sagittarius zodiac sign
Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius is a notorious commitment-phobe whose idea of foreplay is downing a couple of shots at a bar. Kings of the one-night-stand and Queens of no-strings-attached, Sagittarius is allergic to anything and everything that has a sense of ‘finality’ to it all. The world is full of beautiful people and Sagittarius wants to sample all the delights. It’s strangely charming (and sometimes alarming) that they truly believe they have a chance to score big. Then again, confidence is a very seductive quality – and Sagittarius is confidence at its purest.

However, a refreshing quality about Sagittarius is that they rarely play games in romance. If they want you – you will know it (as will everyone else around you). If they aren’t interested in you, they’ll make sure that you know it.

Thus, if you really want to keep them – you absolutely must have a full life and a busy schedule. The less you need their time and presence, the more they’ll be drawn to you.

Their love for animals knows no bounds. If you wish to see them love anyone with a pure heart – observe them with pets, and see them turn into puppies themselves. Then again, pets don’t exactly answer back, nor counter with contrary thoughts, and are forever excited whenever  you come home after a long period of time. Human beings, aren’t so easily tamable – as much as, Sagittarius wishes they could be!

Sagittarius has no tolerance for your ‘moods’. Any emotional expression is considered to be ‘unnecessary drama’. Sob stories make them yawn, and they’re severely allergic to points of views that don’t match their own. Express your dissatisfaction or even how you’re feeling hurt and uncared for – you’ll get an eye-roll.

Now, that’s not to say that Sagittarius is completely heartless. The truth is, sometimes they’re completely unaware of how their words and actions can affect people. The younger they are, the greater their ‘Devil May Care’ attitude wrecks havoc. With, time, age, experience, and the patience of those who love them – they do become all the more sensitive and understand how words can bruise and all actions come back with karmic reactions.

Sagittarius fall in love as deeply as any other sign. However, deep love doesn’t mean you need to be clingy and co-dependent. Building a life together, while still maintaining one’s own individual independence can not only keep things forever fresh and exciting, but can also help us grow and expand our minds on our own, as well as, with each other.

Sagittarius Compatibility

  • Best Lovers: Aries & Leo

  • Best Friends: Libra & Aquarius

  • Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Gemini

  • Red Flags: Virgo & Pisces

  • Mysterious Wild-Cards: Taurus & Cancer

Sagittarius Careers:

Sagittarius bosses tell the lamest, and sometimes most offensive, jokes. They think they’re the epitome of wit and charm, but in reality – they just make everyone around them cringe and be very uncomfortable. They have a certain Don Quixote appeal that’s wonderful to observe from a distance, but terrible to have to deal with during a typical work-day.

This is the kind of boss, who somehow manages to rise through the ranks, and you often wonder – how? They’re master delegators who won’t hesitate to pass more work along the way. They’re definitely confident enough to take the credit. Of course, some are generous and give some to you too – but they won’t give you the time and space to enjoy it. After all, they need to bask in the glory – and you have more deadlines to catch up to!

They certainly have friends in high places, and will be chummy with all power-players of society. They can be strangely generous, yet at the same time pinch a penny in the most ridiculous and senseless ways. They give great speeches, are excellent motivators, and morale boosters – but at the same time, they couldn’t give a fig about your troubles – especially if it’s keeping you from performing at work. They’ll expect you to just snap out of it and get over yourself! Confused? Well, that’s their leadership style.

Sagittarius employees do not care about long term benefits. They don’t have the time nor the patience for seeing a ‘retirement plan’ through. They just want to know how much you’re paying them now, along with how soon they can grow in the organisation, and what’s the company policy on paid vacation days – that truly is important!

Sometimes, having a Sagittarius as a co-worker can be fun. They’ll always be cheerful, forever up to spill the beans on some hot gossip during breaks, and will always be willing to help explain things you’re not able to understand. Yes, they can be chronic mansplainers, and will often infantilise you in the process, and will lose patience after a while. However, at least they’re more fun during post-work drinks.

Irrespective of where you are on the corporate hierarchy with a Sagittarius, the best way to get along and have things flow harmoniously at work is to maintain strong and firm boundaries. Saying ‘no’ to them, can at first catch them off-guard and may even cause them to put up a fight, or throw a temper tantrum. However, if you stick to your guns – they’ll begrudgingly respect you. They’ll still try to change your mind – but be patient.

Although, in a perfect world, Sagittarius would love to choose work that keeps them outside of the office. Many dream of getting a job that enables them to travel all over the world. Whoever invented the term ‘freelance consultant’ was definitely a Sagittarius!

Give them all the freedom they need, and they’ll be model employees who will go the distance and take the company to new heights. Stifle them by making them bound to a cubicle and a strict shift time, and they’ll quit faster than you can spell their sign’s name. Just make sure you have the budget for ‘sensitivity training’. Lord knows, they’ll need it!

Here’s a brief list of careers best suited for Sagittarius:

Professors, Motivational Speakers, Coaches, Lecturers, Travel Writer, Philosophers, Missionaries, Religious Evangelist, Architects, Engineers, Sailors, Military Generals, Teachers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Travel Agents, Freelance Writers, Novelists, Hospitality, Automotive Engineers, Race Car Drivers, Jockeys, Equestrians, Animal Trainers, Veterinarians, Fitness Trainers, Athletes, Marathon Runners, Mixed Martial Artists, Linguistics, Translators, Foreign Services, Marine Engineering, Explorers, Sales and Marketing, Instagram Spiritualists, Content Creators, Priests and members of Clergy, Cult Leaders, Social Activists, Advertising, Professional Gamblers, Fortune Tellers, Enlightenment Coaches, Adventure Sports, Camp Counselors, etc.